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Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Application:Metallurgy, crushing, mining, road repair, industry, milling and other industries.

Material:River pebble, sandstone, coal gangue, concrete aggregate, quartz sand, etc.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The multi-cylinder cone crusher is a typical crushing device for medium and fine crushed hard materials. It is developed on the basis of the spring cone crusher, and its basic structure is similar to that of the spring cone crusher.

The multi-cylinder cone crusher is a typical crushing device for medium and fine crushed hard materials. When working, the moving cone makes a swinging motion along the inner surface. Close to the fixed cone, the material is crushed by the extrusion and bending of the moving cone. When the moving cone is deflected, the broken material falls from the bottom of the cone due to gravity. The crushing and discharging processes are successively performed sequentially along the inner surface. The lock protection cylinder is composed of a plurality of lock protection cylinders, an over-iron protection accumulator, a buffer accumulator group and a pipeline. The lock protection cylinder mainly functions as iron protection and cleaning the crushing chamber. Each two hydraulic cylinders are equipped with a buffer accumulator. When the normal crushing is used, the adjusting ring jumps due to a few hard materials during the buffering.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
(1) Increase the eccentric moment and improve the processing capacity;
(2) speed up, increase power, and improve the fineness of crushing;
(3), raise the moving cone selection center, optimize the cavity design;
(4) Thickening of the lining to extend the life;
(5), the hydraulic motor replaces the hydraulic push rod device, and the fixed cone assembly is removed in 10 minutes;
(6) High production and mineral content;
(7), the key components are made of high-strength materials, and the weight is increased appropriately, and the reliability is higher.
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Model Type Output size(mm) Input size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t)
HPT200 F ≥13 95 120-200 160 13.4
M ≥16 120 140-220
C ≥19 190 150-250
HPT300 F ≥10 80 100-240 250 18.1
F ≥13 105 110-260
M ≥16 150 175-320
C ≥20 210 190-380
EC ≥25 230 220-440
HPT400 F ≥14 110 185-345 315 26
M ≥20 196 255-430
C ≥25 251 295-560
EC ≥30 295 325-630
HPT500 F ≥13 95 200-430 400 37
F ≥16 135 280-455
M ≥22 210 345-605
C ≥30 290 405-790
EC ≥38 330 445-855

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