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Copper Beneficiation Process

Copper Beneficiation Process

Copper ore is generally an aggregate composed of copper sulfide and other minerals, which react with sulfuric acid to produce blue-green copper sulfate. The industrial minerals of copper include natural copper, chalcocite, malachite, etc.

Copper Beneficiation Process

As a commonly used process for copper ore beneficiation, flotation can be used for the separation of copper sulfide and oxidized copper ores. The main process of copper ore flotation is rough as follows: ore crushing and screening → stage grinding stage flotation → concentration and dehydration → copper concentrate.

Copper ore is divided into sulfide ore (oxidation rate less than 10%), oxidized ore (oxidation rate greater than 30%) and mixed ore (oxidation rate 10%-30%) According to the different oxidation rates. the cooer ore beneficiation method is mainly with flotation method. and some with gravity method. In general, copper sulfide ore and easy-t-select mixed copper ore are treated by flotation. For difficult-to-select mixed copper ore and difficult-to-select copper oxide ore, use hydrometallurgy or flotation and hydrometallurgy combined methods.

Copper Beneficiation Process
1. Copper concentrate grade increased by 50%. Achieved higher beneficiation index and lower beneficiation cost. The overall economic benefits are considerable.
2. The whole space is well designed. The copper beneficiation process features high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong processing capability, and economic effect.

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