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Full hydraulic cone crusher

Full hydraulic cone crusher

Application:Metallurgy, crushing, mining, road repair, industry, milling and other industries.

Material:River pebble, sandstone, coal gangue, concrete aggregate, quartz sand, etc.

Full hydraulic cone crusher

The cone crusher is the most widely used crushing equipment in crushing operations, and all countries in the world attach great importance to its improvement work. Over the years, the majority of workers and technicians in China have done a lot of work to improve and seek a new type of crushing equipment with simple structure, convenient use, good performance and high efficiency.

These include improvements to spring-loaded cone crushers and the design, manufacture, testing and application of hydraulic cone crushers. The shortcomings of the old spring cone crusher; the adjustment of the discharge port is inconvenient; due to the large spring stiffness when the iron is over, the crusher overload factor is large, and it is difficult to remove the non-broken objects that are blocked in the crushing cavity. The hydraulic cone crusher overcomes the above disadvantages more satisfactorily. In recent years, China's vast number of workers, engineers and technicians have summed up China's more than ten years of production practice experience and critically absorbed foreign advanced technology, designed, manufactured and applied single-cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. Improvements and research are still ongoing.

Full hydraulic cone crusher
1, with large crushing force, high production efficiency, high output - the combination of higher speed and stroke, so that the HP crusher's rated power and passing capacity is greatly improved, improving the crushing ratio and production efficiency......
2. Consumable parts consume less, operate reliably, and low operating cost - reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical parameters, reliable operation and low operating cost; all parts of the crusher are wear-resistant and protect maintenance costs to a minimum Limit, the general service life can be increased by more than 30%. It is mainly used in large stone factories, which solves the shortcomings of small average crushing ratio, high energy consumption, and quick wear of hammerhead, counterattack and liner.
3, laminating and crushing, the finished grain shape is excellent - through the use of the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the matching speed, instead of the traditional single particle crushing principle, the selective crushing of the material is realized, and the material is significantly improved. The fine material ratio and cube content of the product greatly reduce the needle-like material.
4, hydraulic protection and hydraulic clear cavity, high degree of automation, reduce downtime - hydraulic adjustment of the discharge opening and overload protection to greatly improve the operation level of the crusher, making maintenance easier, more convenient operation, shorter downtime; HP series cone crusher two-way iron-releasing hydraulic cylinder can pass the iron block through the crushing chamber. Under the condition of over-iron and instantaneous smoldering, the machine can hydraulically lift the top and automatically discharge the material, which greatly reduces the original spring cone crusher. There is a need to stop the labor for manual discharge, and many other manufacturers' crushers will stop due to iron stuck.
5, rare lubrication, reliable and advanced, improve service life - unique thin oil lubrication system design, greatly improving the service life of the equipment. The high-performance non-contact labyrinth seal has no wear, improves the reliability of dust blocking, and fundamentally eliminates common faults such as oil-water mixing of the original spring cone crusher.
6, a variety of crushing cavity type, flexible application, adaptability - HP cone crusher only need to replace the fixed cone liner, moving cone liner, crushing cavity shape can be from standard super-thick cavity type to short head ultra-fine cavity type Arbitrary transformation to meet a wide range of product granularity requirements.
7. Easy maintenance and convenient operation. All parts of HP cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side. The moving cone and fixed cone are easy to assemble and disassemble, no need to disassemble the frame and tighten the bolt, so HP cone crushing It is more convenient to replace the liner on a daily basis. The hydraulic motor is used to optimize the crusher production efficiency.
8, it provides higher production capacity, the best product shape, and easy to automatically control, with maximum reliability and flexibility, truly create more value for users.
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Model Type Output size(mm) Input size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t)
HPT200 F ≥13 95 120-200 160 13.4
M ≥16 120 140-220
C ≥19 190 150-250
HPT300 F ≥10 80 100-240 250 18.1
F ≥13 105 110-260
M ≥16 150 175-320
C ≥20 210 190-380
EC ≥25 230 220-440
HPT400 F ≥14 110 185-345 315 26
M ≥20 196 255-430
C ≥25 251 295-560
EC ≥30 295 325-630
HPT500 F ≥13 95 200-430 400 37
F ≥16 135 280-455
M ≥22 210 345-605
C ≥30 290 405-790
EC ≥38 330 445-855

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