The Efficient Combined Three-cylinder Dryer

Jul.05, 2021
The rotary dryer is an efficient combined three-cylinder dryer. Large three-barrel dryer, usually 6-7 meters long, is divided into the straight barrel and conical barrel. Material flow is driven by the blade in the barrel (i.e. the guide plate) along with the rotation of the barrel, which is suitable for the structure of straight barrel or conical barrel. Three-way dryer is nested by three concentric cylinders with different diameters, rather than linked by rings. It is a chain. This special structure determines the size of its output, so this new type of dryer is also called a three-way dryer. LJSH high-efficiency combined three-cylinder dryer has a compact structure and less floor area, which is one-half of the same output single-cylinder drying area. It works reliably, has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good material drying effect, easy to realize automatic control and less operator.
The high-efficiency combined three-cylinder dryer is mainly used for drying particulate materials in a certain humidity range, such as yellow sand used in the dry mortar industry and various specifications of molding sand used in the foundry industry. Blast furnace slag used in building materials and cement industry. Small size clay is used in the chemical industry for a small particulate matter which can not afford chemical change and is not afraid of high temperature and soot pollution. According to the requirements of different industries for the final moisture content of materials after drying, the moisture content of materials after drying can reach less than 1-0.5%.


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