The Factors that Affect the Working Efficiency of Ball Mill

Jun.21, 2021
Ball mill equipment is mainly used for grinding and milling industry, which plays a very important role in China's basic industry. It plays an important role in the processing of all kinds of industrial raw materials in the production line. In the operation of ball mill, the working efficiency has certain influence factors. The following factors affect the operation of ball mill equipment.
1. Determine the type of ball mill
Ball mills can be divided into many categories according to different USES, different types of ball mills have considerable differences in function and structure, customers should take into account the company's conditions of use when selecting ball mills, according to the characteristics of materials, investment, fineness of required finished products and so on to choose the right ball mill equipment.
2. Selection of spare parts for supporting equipment
Single ball mill as grinding equipment, the main job is to the ore by large grinding into small LiaoDu process, and this kind of work is easy to cause all sorts of the wear and tear of spare parts, is commonly used ore powder by grinding after the crushing process goals mechanism, after classifying mineral processing technology, and the output of the prophase of the choice of crusher production and subsequent classifier will be for the whole production line of form a complete set of production play a big role. If the size of the crusher particle size and grain type of uniform directly affect the quality of the ball mill feed, and relatively good material into the ball mill, the need for grinding time and power consumption will be reduced, so it can be said that the ball mill is to improve the work efficiency.
3. Maintenance of ball mill
In the use of large equipment such as ball mill, because of direct contact with ore, lining plate needs to be checked and replaced regularly, if not timely replacement may damage the equipment barrel, reduce production and other problems; As well as other equipment spare parts motor, big gear. Gear reducer, bearing and the wear of the bearing and oil check is very be necessary, once in the process of production, production is reduced, the phenomenon such as sound, you need to stop immediately check to find the problem source, repair and replacement parts, so the regular maintenance of equipment of ball mill is key factor in the stable and efficient.
4. Correct technical operation process
After the customer purchases the equipment, the manufacturer will conduct online operation guidance and equipment parameters. Customer need in strict accordance with the correct operation steps and parameters setting, don't change the equipment operation parameters by oneself, not to extend the use of equipment time, these are very undesirable, did for the user to increase economic benefit in the short term, but for the life of the equipment and safety brought great damage and hidden dangers, the long-term continuous production.
There are many factors that affect the operation efficiency of the ball mill. In the actual operation, we should keep in mind the relevant operation training of the manufacturer and communicate timely in technical aspects.


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