How to Choose the Crusher to Break Hard Rock

Jul.13, 2021
The criteria for hard rock and soft rock can be determined according to the saturated uniaxial compressive strength. Hard rock is defined as more than 60 mpa, hard rock is defined as between 30 and 60, soft rock is defined as between 15 and 30, soft rock is defined as between 5 and 15, and extremely soft rock is defined as less than 5.
Due to the high hardness of hard rock, so in the process design, try to choose the principle of laminating crushing equipment, in order to reduce the wear wear wear wear wear wear. For short and medium term projects, it can be broken in two stages. For medium - and long-term projects, three - stage crushing is an ideal choice.
In the process of hard rock treatment, xinxiang Great Wall chooses jaw crusher and cone crusher for joint treatment, which not only has large production capacity, but also long service life of vulnerable parts, so as to facilitate better production and operation of users.
Jaw crusher: ideal upgrade alternative to traditional jaw crusher

1. Deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving;
2. advanced technology, lower failure rate, long service life;
3. Large discharge adjustment range, multi-purpose for one machine;
4. low noise, dust, meet environmental requirements.
Cone crusher: single machine is suitable for medium and fine crushing ideal equipment
1. Neat grain shape and high yield;
2. Huge crushing capacity;
3. Structural upgrading and high production efficiency;
4. Less consumption of wearing parts and low operating cost.
Hard rock sand and stone processing process:
After coarse crushing of the mined ore materials, the feeders enter the jaw crusher for initial breaking and screening.
After that, it is successively broken into medium crushing machine and fine crushing cone crusher through the conveyor.
At the same time, 5~30mm materials are separated from the screening system and stored in the buffer bin at the top of the sand making machine, and then broken into 4 vertical shaft crushers through the feeder.
After that, it is transported by belt conveyor to the finished product screening workshop for screening.
The separated >20mm material is returned to the sand-making machine by the belt conveyor for crushing;
The separated 10~20mm materials are stored as finished products in the finished product storage shed;
The separated 0~5mm materials are washed through the chute into the washing system.


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