The Causes of Poor Discharge Quality of Cone Crusher

Sep.06, 2021
Cone crusher in the stone production line bears an important responsibility, is the main equipment for secondary crushing. So cone broken quality directly affects the work of the entire production line, high quality of the cone crusher broken product without secondary processing can be formed, but due to different crusher manufacturer production equipment have different quality, poor quality equipment need to repeat operation of products, which directly reduces the working efficiency of the whole production line, so the user when crushing equipment of choose and buy must be carefully chosen. What are the reasons for the poor quality of cone crusher?
1. Broken materials. The materials that can be broken by different types of crushing machinery are not the same. If the operator does not do a good job of inspection during the feeding, the materials with large lumpiness and high hardness may enter the crushing chamber of the equipment, which will cause the crushing pressure of the cone crusher equipment is large, and many materials can't be completely broken before being discharged. In serious cases, the machine will be jammed and the working time will be delayed.
2. The discharge port is too large. The discharge port of the cone crusher is the main part that determines the discharge particle size. If the discharge port is too large, a lot of materials in the crushing chamber that have not been adequately broken will be discharged from the discharge port, resulting in the discharge particle size not meeting the user's requirements and affecting the discharge quality.
3. Moving and fixed cones. If the moving cone and fixed cone of the crushing equipment are seriously worn in production, they cannot play a full role in the operation, and the material cannot be broken sufficiently, which will affect the quality of the material and even cause congestion.
4. The structure of the crushing chamber. The crushing chamber of the cone crusher is the main area for crusher operation. The structure of the crushing chamber directly affects the quality of the crushed materials. When the cavity height and depth of the crushing chamber do not meet the requirements, the materials will not be broken and discharged, so the quality of the crushed materials will be low.
5. The voltage is too low. If the voltage is too low, the cone crusher will not get enough power to drive the equipment to carry out the crushing operation, so the quality of the broken materials will be poor.


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