Buying Sand Machine After the Need to Understand the Problem

Sep.13, 2021
With the increasing market demand for artificial sand, sand machine has also been widely used. Sand machine in the process of operation sometimes there will be some fault, then the user will have a simple understanding, when the fault appears to have a reasonable solution, so as not to affect the operation of the entire production line. Below henan hongji for everyone to make some Suggestions.
1.Sand machine to operate in the case of no material inside, otherwise because the motor start pressure is too large and burn the motor, therefore, before starting the sand machine must be sure there is no material inside.
2.Any crusher has its scope of application, sand machine is no exception, if the material is too large will block the sand machine feed, affecting the work of the entire production line. Therefore, ensure that the material is within the size of the breakable material.
3.Sand machine after a long time running due to wear and other reasons are easy to damage, therefore, the user to maintain good sand machine, to extend the service life of sand machine.
4.Vigorous movement sometimes loosens the screws on the sand machine. Therefore, the user should check the screws frequently to make sure the machine can work safely and smoothly.


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