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Shaking table

Shaking table

Material: Tin ore, tungsten ore, gold and silver ore, lead ore, iron ore, manganese ore, ilmenite and coal, etc.


Size requirement: 0.15-2mm

Shaking table

Shaking table is the use of mechanical shaking and water washing to separate the ore particles according to their density. It is a process of separating the ore particles according to their density on a sloping wide bed with the help of asymmetric reciprocating motion of the machine and the washing of thin-layer slope water. It is one of the more widely used heavy selection methods for selecting fine materials.

The shaking table is a combination of symmetrical reciprocating motion of mechanical slate and thin-layer inclined surface water flow on an inclined bed surface so that the ore particles are loosely layered and divided on the bed surface so that the minerals are sorted according to different densities. 

Shaking table
1 low material requirements
2. Easy operation
3. High concentrate rate
4. High safety performance
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