Production of 200 tons of Granite Sand, Crusher Selection

Sep.22, 2022
When the production of 200 tons of granite sand, with cone crusher or jaw crusher.
Both the jaw crusher and the cone crusher use the principle of extrusion crushing. Is the quality of the finished product very different? When the user produces 200 tons of granite sand per hour, there are still many differences between the two.
 Different feed specifications
The jaw crusher can only accept the feed specification between 120-250mm, while the cone crusher can accept the feed specification between 40-450mm, and the cone crusher is the winner.
Discharge granularity is different
The jaw crusher can freely adjust the discharge particle size between 18-90mm, and the cone crusher discharge particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily between 3-50mm. It can be seen from the discharge that the cone crusher can process 12, 13, 24 and other commonly used stones. It is difficult to process stones below 18mm with a jaw breaker.
Different capacity
The performance range of jaw crusher is between 8-105t/h, and the range of cone crusher performance is between 12-2181t/h.
Different technology
The jaw crusher and rough jaw crusher have the same technology, the wedge block gap adjustment technology can be used to control the size of the discharge; the cone crusher adopts the hydraulic gap adjustment technology, and the hydraulic cylinder can not only adjust the discharge port, but also have iron self-protection, locking, etc. At the same time, the cone crusher can be connected to the PLC controllable editor, and the machine can be operated in the background, which is even better in terms of technology.
After reading the above introduction, I don't know whether the customer has an answer to whether the granite sand production of 200 tons per hour should be made with cone crusher or jaw crusher. If you have any other questions, please click to consult, Hongji machines are always there, ready for you at any time. answer!


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