Development Prospect of Lignite Dryer

Aug.04, 2022
The development of industry is inseparable from the exploitation of resources. Coal is a non-renewable resource and is the material basis for the survival and development of coal mining enterprises. It is indispensable in industrial development and daily life. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to global warming and
environmental protection awareness. my country's coal resources have become increasingly widespread. During the mining process, after washing, open-air stacking, part of the coal and impurities are washed down by water and precipitated to form coal slime.
Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of coal slime is high (20%-30%), the combustion efficiency of direct use is too low, and it is not convenient for storage and transportation in winter. Moreover, the open-air stacking of coal slime products causes the environment of the mining area to "run off in water and fly up in the wind". This results in the loss of coal resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to use a lignite dryer to dry it, so as to make full use of coal resources.
As a professional dryer manufacturer in China, Hongji Machine produces a complete range of dryers. Our company's professionals will configure a good dryer model for users according to the user's production requirements, both in terms of equipment quality and service level. It can be called the domestic first-class equipment.


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