Selection of Rotary Kiln Equipment in Lime Production Line

Feb.10, 2022
Cement kiln
Cement kiln is the main equipment of cement clinker dry process and wet process active lime production line. Cement kilns are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, environmental protection and other industries. The cement kiln is composed of a cylinder body, a supporting device, a supporting device with a blocking wheel, a transmission device, a movable kiln head, a kiln tail sealing device, a coal injection pipe device and other components. The kiln body of the cement kiln is inclined to a certain degree from the horizontal. The whole kiln body is supported by the supporting roller device, and there is a blocking wheel device to control the up and down movement of the kiln body. The auxiliary transmission device can still make the kiln body rotate when it is broken, and prevent the kiln body from bending and deforming. The sealing device of the kiln head and the kiln tail adopts mature technology to ensure the reliability of the sealing.
Metallurgical kiln
Metallurgical kiln, commonly known as metallurgical calcining kiln, is mainly used for magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in iron and steel plants in the metallurgical industry. Metallurgical kilns can be divided into: alumina kilns, zinc oxide kilns, nickel iron kilns, etc. according to the types of metal compounds. It is mainly used for roasting high metallurgical ores in various metal compound refractory factories, clinker and aluminum hydroxide in aluminum plants, and minerals such as chromium ore sand and chromium ore powder in chemical plants.
Drying kiln
The drying kiln is mainly composed of the front and rear supporting roller devices of the cylinder device, the feeding and discharging device, the transmission device and the gear cover.
The drying kiln produced by Hongji Machinery adopts a new type of lifting plate device, which has many functions such as guiding, equalizing flow and lifting material, so that the material can be evenly distributed in the radial section of the drying kiln, and the material curtain becomes thin, uniform and full. state, completely in contact with the hot air flow, to achieve the purpose of making full use of thermal energy. Hongxing machine drying kiln chooses reasonable operating parameters, coal consumption and electricity consumption are reduced by more than 10-15% compared with ordinary dryers, and the output per unit is increased by more than 10-15%. It has been widely used in cement and mineral processing enterprises.


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