Coal Preparation Requirements for Crushing Operations

Jan.17, 2022
1. The need for deep processing of coal and clean coal
In the process of coal washing and processing, in order to realize the dissociation of gangue from the monomer of coal and to improve the quality of coal, the coal must be pulverized effectively.
2. Strict requirements for product particle size
Different users have different granularity requirements, and this requirement changes with the change of the market, which directly affects the economic benefits of coal enterprises. In addition, the prices of products with different sizes and specifications are different in different periods. In order to obtain maximum profits, enterprises must choose good crusher equipment.
3. Reduce the over-crushing in the crushing process
Excessive crushing in the crushing process will not only cause waste of resources but also affect the economic benefits of coal enterprises. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the increase of pulverized coal processing costs, reducing the output of pulverized coal to a lower level has become the key to crushing operations.
Fourth, the requirements of washing equipment
Different washing equipment has different particle size ranges, which must be crushed to meet the requirements of washing equipment. If the particle size of the washing product exceeds the limit, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of plugging, which makes it unable to play a high-efficiency role. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to strictly ensure the feeding particle size through the crushing operation.

5. The need for energy saving and consumption reduction
It is understood that the production cost of crushing and grinding operations in the concentrator currently accounts for more than 40% of the total cost of beneficiation. Although the production cost and capital investment of the crushing operation in the coal preparation plant are lower than those in the concentrator, the production cost of the raw coal preparation system The impact of cost and capital investment on the technical and economic indicators of coal preparation plants cannot be ignored.


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