The Use of Vibrating Screen in Crushing Sand Making Operation

Jan.04, 2022
The vibrating screen is mainly responsible for the screening and classification of materials on the crushing sand production line, and plays a role of connecting and transferring in the whole crushing and crushing operation process. Although the vibrating screen does not appear to be conspicuous in the whole set of crushing equipment, it is undeniable that it is also one of the indispensable main equipment in the sand making operation of material crushing.
What are the uses of vibrating screens in crushing sand production?
1. Material pretreatment. For example, the particle size of the crushed materials is quite different. In order to make the particle size of the feed material meet the standard, it can be screened and classified first; for materials with a small particle size, they can also be screened once before crushing and making sand. Reduce the mud powder content in the crushed material.
2. Secondary screening. After the materials have undergone primary and secondary crushing, they need to be further screened and classified. If the particle size reaches the processing standard, continue to the next stage of crushing or sand making. If the particle size does not meet the standard, return to continue crushing until it meets the requirements. The particle size standard of the next processing step.
3. Sieving mud powder. After the material has been sand-making, it is usually subjected to sand washing treatment. The sewage after sand washing is mixed with mud powder. In order to recycle and reuse the fine sand and dust lost in the sand washing process, a vibrating screen can be installed in the sedimentation tank. The mud powder is collected by screening and grading.


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