Hongji Machine, Sand Making, and Shaping in One Step!

Dec.15, 2021
The sand making machine produced by Hongji Machinery is the introduction of German technology and the advanced technology of absorbing similar products at home and abroad. At the same time, it also has a number of new products with independent research and development technology. It is a competent man in sand making and plastic production.
The humanized design of the sand making machine makes the equipment maintenance simple. After the equipment went on the market, it quickly became the new favorite equipment in the machine-made sand industry, which can effectively make marble, river pebbles, potash feldspar, iron ore, and other stones into sands of different sizes.
Optimal design
The Hongji sand making machine is upgraded to a combined throwing head design, and the peripheral guard plate can also be turned up and down, the effective working life is longer, and the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by more than 30%.
At the same time, the bearing chamber of the sand making machine adopts a thin oil type and grease type modular design, which is convenient for overall interchange, and users can choose flexibly according to their needs.
Good shape of the finished product
The special shaping function of the Hongji sand making machine can accurately control the size of the finished product. The finished sand has a uniform particle size and no needle-like flake materials.
The crushing method combining "stone-on-rock" and "stone-on-iron" can be used to efficiently crush stones.
The motor drives the bearing barrel to drive part of the main shaft to rotate at high speed, while the rotor moves with the main shaft at high speed. The stone inside the impeller is accelerated and sprayed into the crushing cavity and the lining material formed in the crushing cavity collides and grinds each other, thereby realizing the shaping and crushing of the stone.


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