Ball Mill In Gold Ore Beneficiation

Dec.06, 2021
Gold ore ball mill is a kind of grinding equipment, which is necessary in the process of gold ore dressing.The natural gold ore needs to be broken again by the gold ball mill after the crusher treatment.The gold ball mill is fitted with steel balls.Steel balls are harder and stronger than gold ores, so the gold ore powder can be ground into small particles.There are many types of gold mine ball mill, knowing its model and yield is helpful to choose the right one.

Model of beneficiation ball mill

Several manufacturers have produced various types of gold ore ball mills to meet customer requirements for size, yield, energy consumption, etc.Different types of gold ore ball mills have drum speeds, ball loads, drum volume, motor power, and material sizes.Acer machinery specializes in the production of various types of gold ore ball mill, and many specifications are in great demand.The processing capacity is between 0.65-615t/h, and the discharge size is 0.074-0.89mm.We can customize the solution according to the requirements of productivity.
Choosing the right machine can ensure that projects are completed on time and save energy.We can customize the suitable gold mine ball mill according to the working conditions to meet your needs for productivity, consumption and size of discharge.
Output of gold ore dressing ball mill
The gold ball mill production is 0.65-615t/h, Gold mine ball mills can operate continuously for 24 hours so the yield can be ensured. The Manufacturer can customize a gold ore ball mill to fit your yield needs. A reliable gold mine with a low failure rate is a prerequisite for high production. In the following production, it is necessary to operate strictly according to the regulations. Otherwise, the gold ball mill with better quality is difficult to achieve high yield. In daily grinding production, many factors can affect the output, such as the particle size and hardness of the material. If the feeding size is too large, it will cost more energy to grind the specified particle size of end products, and the yield will be less at the same time. If the feeding size is too hard, and difficult to grind, the yield will be reduced, too. Also, the moisture content, temperature, and fineness of the product will also affect the yield.
To sum up, there are many models of gold mine ball mill. The output of each model is different. In order to obtain a higher yield, it is necessary to purchase a stable gold mine ball mill with a low failure rate, operate as required and fully understand the fineness of leaching. For more information about the type and output of gold ball mills, please consult Hongji technicians free of charge.


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