How to Avoid Parts Damage of Lime Rotary Kiln Effectively

Sep.22, 2021
As is known to all, any machine long time operation can create parts parts damaged, or wear and tear, if parts damaged, will affect the normal operation, serious still can cause in the production of quality problems, lime rotary kiln of course is not exceptional also, in use process will be essential to the broken problem, however, small make up today to say is that although lime rotary kiln of the damaged parts is inevitable, but through the basic daily maintenance and standardize the operation, or can be avoided.
The following measures can be taken to avoid the damage of lime rotary kiln parts.
The long-term operation of lime rotary kiln in the process of calcining lime is easy to cause friction loss of components, so it is necessary to do a good job in the lubrication of key components of lime rotary kiln.
The parts of lime rotary kiln that need lubrication mainly include cylinder, support device, drive device and kiln head cover. These parts undertake a large number of tasks in the rotary kiln production, do a good job in this part of lubrication, the service life of the rotary kiln can be extended, but also make the machine can be stable production.
1. The gap between the backing plate of rotary kiln barrel and the rolling ring needs to be lubricated by injecting some graphite.
Graphite fluidity and smoothness are very good, suitable for a lot of lubricant parts lubrication.
2. lime rotary kiln support device lubrication.
The lubrication of the rotary kiln roller ring and the surface of the tugboat is relatively simple, and the graphite block can be used for lubrication. However, it should be noted that the size of the graphite block will change in the long-term work of the equipment. If the graphite block is found to be small, the maintenance personnel of the rotary kiln must timely replace the graphite, otherwise the desired lubrication result will not be achieved.
3. rotary kiln drive device lubrication.
The lubrication of this part of rotary kiln is mainly between the gears. Since the pores between the gears are very limited, it is not reasonable to use graphite as lubricant, but to use oil injection lubrication. It should be noted that this lubrication method requires the staff to check the oil injection state in time and confirm it.


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