Selection of Dry & Wet Process Equipment for River Pebble

Aug.16, 2021
Current mechanism sand production technology main points, dry and wet two kinds: dry process production is to point to in addition to the individual process of spray dusting water, other basic is not water in the whole process, mainly is suitable for the cold, drought and water shortage in north China, mineral raw materials in soil by screening out clean area, should be widely in the building materials industry. Wet production refers to the use of water washing to make sand in the process, which is mainly applicable to south China, where water resources are abundant, or where the mixed clay materials in the ore raw materials cannot be screened and removed by dry method, and it should be widely used in the water conservancy and hydropower industry.
Sand aggregate is an important raw material for engineering construction, especially with the continuous increase of national investment in infrastructure construction, the demand for mechanical sand is increasing year by year, and the quality of sand is increasingly high. Selection of main equipment for dry process: main equipment for dry production of mechanical sand are sand making equipment, inspection and screening equipment, stone powder separation equipment. Dry and wet sand machine production line in today's market economy legal system's role is becoming more and more large, as a complete mechanical equipment in mining machinery, sand making machine production line process is not only a mature, high technical content, is also a mechanical equipment, customers in the field of mineral processing, sand making machine production line equipment has become the user's choice. Dry sand processing equipment generally choose vertical shaft impact crusher, rod mill or roller mill. Main equipment selection of wet process: main equipment of wet production of mechanical sand include sand washing equipment, sand making equipment, water filtration equipment, mud and sand treatment equipment, etc.
The selection of sand and stone washing equipment and its treatment capacity are mainly determined by the washable ore. The main equipment selection of dry method and wet method and their advantages and disadvantages are compared. The impeller rotates at high speed to generate airflow, and the internal self-circulation system is formed through the separator and impeller in the vortex crushing chamber. Dry process sand system is a dry process sand equipment integrating sand production, grain type optimization, stone powder control, grading adjustment, water content control and environmental protection treatment. Wet processing is mainly used for shaping and crushing small and medium-sized stone materials. Its advantages include high production efficiency, excellent sand grain type, simple equipment structure, small amount of civil engineering and installation work, and wide use in production. The disadvantages are high energy consumption, unsatisfactory gradation of sand and gravel, and low intermediate gradation of sand content.
It is necessary to further strengthen the development of energy-saving mineral processing equipment that can effectively recover fine iron ore, including permanent magnetization of magnetic equipment, fine particle crusher and flotation column. Sand washing machine in sand production line six functions in fact, sand washing machine we commonly used is the wheel bucket sand washing machine is an indispensable equipment in sand production line. Dry sand separation by using the separator, does not need to add water cleaning, the overall production cost is relatively low; In the case that the mud and sand treatment system of wet process sand meets the requirements of environmental protection, it is necessary to build a matching large sedimentation tank, or configure spiral sand washing machine, cyclone, concentrator, filter press and other equipment, and the overall production cost is relatively high. Dry sand is not restricted by water source and environment and can be produced in water shortage area. Wet sand is produced where water is available and is generally not available in the northern winter.



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