Rotary Kiln - Equipment for Calcining Limestone

Jul.22, 2021
Only after calcining can limestone be better used. Among the more calcining equipment, the environment-friendly limestone rotary kiln is the special equipment for processing this mineral, which not only benefits from the fact that the limestone rotary kiln is designed according to the nature of limestone, but also has its own unique advantages.
Advantages of environment-friendly limestone rotary kiln:
The quality of equipment is a problem that users attach great importance to when purchasing. The quality of limestone rotary kiln is good. With excellent technology and high-quality steel, the quality is guaranteed:
1. Reasonable and compact structure. On the premise of ensuring the output of limestone rotary kiln, the length of cylinder is reduced, which not only reduces the floor area, but also reduces the heat loss rate.
2. The calcining effect of limestone rotary kiln is good, and the overburning rate is low. The products produced from the kiln can meet the material standards of the enterprise and have high purity.
3. the equipment operation process without noise and dust, improve the limestone processing plant production environment.
Henan hongji has rich experience in the production of large-scale kiln grinding equipment, and can provide 300-1500 tons of rotary kiln equipment per day. At present, henan hongji has produced more than 100 sets of rotary kilns of various specifications, which are sold well in China and exported to Vietnam, uzbekistan, Pakistan and other countries and regions. Welcome new and old customers to visit and investigate!


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