How to Choose Suitable Crusher in Sand Production Line?

Jun.16, 2021
Sand production line is a special production process of building sand and stone, in the sand production line, the crusher needs to be selected, the overall quality of equipment is good, the production of finished sand can achieve better quality results.
Sand production line is the main equipment for ore production. Its main working principle is to combine multiple ore processing equipment into an integrated assembly line. So the core point that affects its production capacity is the equipment, it is known to all that the general sand and stone production line is mainly equipped with feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen, jaw crusher, cone crusher. The scale of general sand production line and its main machine crusher are tailored to the needs of users.
Each device model, quality, production, performance and so on will affect the production of sand production line, but it is in these devices is the main crusher equipment, crusher is the key equipment in ore crushing, the crusher performance quality directly affect the user is the size of the final vested interests, so if the user wants to boost or control system of sand production line production capacity of the first job is to choose the high quality of crusher equipment. The crushing equipment selected by henan hongji in the whole sand production line is jaw crusher and cone crusher.
Advantages of jaw crusher:
1. Deep cavity crushing, high efficiency and energy saving;
2. advanced technology, lower failure rate, long service life;
3. Large discharge adjustment range, multi-purpose for one machine;
4. low noise, dust, meet environmental requirements.

Advantages of cone crusher:
1. Neat grain shape and high yield;
2. Huge crushing capacity;
3. Structural upgrading and high production efficiency;
4. Less consumption of wearing parts and low operating cost.


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