HZ series Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Station

Apr.06, 2021
With the rapid development of urban construction and the growing prosperity of environmental protection, construction waste mobile crushing stations are receiving more and more attention. Construction waste not only causes great pollution of the environment but also occupies a huge land area due to its unintentional stacking. But once the city garbage is effectively treated, it will be able to turn it into waste. The new mobile construction waste crushing and screening station have advanced technology and stable performance. It has a high market share in the construction waste treatment market in China. It is widely used in urban village demolition, old city reconstruction, road reconstruction and expansion, concrete, cement pile heads, etc. Broken regeneration of solid construction waste.
Structure and function of construction waste mobile crushing station
The construction waste mobile crushing station is mainly composed of a feeding system, a crushing system, a screening system, a conveying system and the like. Their respective functions are as follows:
1. Feeding system. The function of the feeding system is to feed the construction waste into the crusher and screening machine. The feeding system can adopt different feeding methods according to different crushing and screening processes.
2. The crushing system. The crushing system is the core structure of the entire construction waste moving crushing station. Its function is to break the construction waste into fine particles of finished materials.
3. Screening system. The function of the screening system is to pre-screen, which is used to classify the broken particles by a screening machine.
4. Conveyor system. The conveyor system is used to transport construction waste between the various gravel screening equipment and for the return of the broken construction waste.
Mobile construction waste crushing and screening station performance characteristics
1. The main machine adopts a new type of construction waste crusher, which adopts alloy wear parts, which can use three times longer than traditional wear parts.
2. The crushing ratio is large, the feed size is large, and it can enter the steel floor of about one meter.
3. A unique crushing cavity design can effectively separate steel and concrete.
4. High production efficiency, one stage design the same function as before two-stage capacity.
5. With crushing and shaping effect, excellent aggregate size.
6. Configure environmental protection devices, including basic dust reduction and noise reduction and noise reduction devices, and use motors that meet strict environmental protection plans.
7. Strong mobility, you can drive on rough roads.
8. Can carry out crushing operations on-site, reducing the transportation costs of materials.
9. Reduce investment costs, complete sets of mobile integrated configuration, do not need to do a concrete foundation, migration equipment is more convenient.
The construction waste after crushing and screening has become the two major uses of recycled aggregates in line with national standards:
1. For general and highway construction applications, 0-40mm is suitable for the stability layer of road construction(the road base layer and subgrade)and the underlying and intermediate layers of the asphalt pavement.
2. Production of 0-10mm construction waste recycled fine aggregate adding cement and fly ash and other pigments, through the suppression of hydraulic construction waste brick machine, can produce hundreds of block building materials.


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