YG series Crawler Self-propelled Mobile Crushing Station

Mar.29, 2021
The crawler-type mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing and screening equipment independently developed by the company. the crawler chassis is driven by a fully hydraulic system. The model has stable performance and a beautiful appearance. Widely used in road and bridge construction, urban construction, mining, and other fields.
Operating principle
The crawler-type mobile crushing station is composed of a crawler chassis, the main machine and auxiliary equipment, a power system, and a hydraulic electric control system. When moving, the power system provides power, and the hydraulic electric control system controls the driving of the crawler chassis. When installing, the power system controls the driving of the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic electric control system to automatically complete the installation of the equipment; when working, the power system passes the hydraulic power. The control system drives and controls the main machine and auxiliary equipment to work. The material is crushed or sieved from the silo into the mainframe mounted on the crawler chassis and the frame, and then discharged an integrated belt conveyor.
Performance characteristics and advantages
1. Power system with excellent performance. With the Cummins diesel engine, the fuel consumption is low, the noise is low, and the engine can be equipped with a preheating starter for the bottom temperature so that the equipment can also be started in the bottom temperature environment of -25°C.
2. Fully rigid ship-type structural chassis. It has the characteristics of high strength, low grounding ratio, and so on. It has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands.
3.High torque travel motor. The driving force is high and the reliability is high, which provides a reliable power guarantee for the walking system.
4. Servo pilot operating system. The operation is light, the control is accurate, and the stepless shifting operation can be realized.
5.Efficient and mature crushing and screening equipment. The crushing and screening equipment produced by our company is selected to ensure the good quality of the whole set of equipment.


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