Introduction of The Sandstone Production Line

Mar.15, 2021
1. Process of sand and gravel production line
First, the stone is initially crushed by a coarse crusher (coarse jaw crusher), and then the produced coarse material is further crushed by a belt conveyor and a fine crusher (fine jaw crusher). The finely crushed stone enters a vibrating screen. Two kinds of stones are sieved to meet the feed size of the sand-making machine. The other part of the material is returned and then finely crushed. Part of the stone of the sand machine is made into the sand. After being washed by the sand washing machine (optional), it is made into finished sand. The other sand machine is broken again to produce various sand materials that meet the requirements. Specific reference to the following figure:

2. Performance of sandstone production line
The production line has a high degree of automation, low operating cost, convenient operation, high crushing rate, energy saving of more than 20%, large output, and less pollution. The produced machine sand meets the national building sand standards, with uniform grain size, good grain shape, and reasonable grading.
3. Process characteristics of the sandstone production line
a. The product has a cubic shape, excellent quality, low needle and flake product content, and strong compression resistance. It is suitable for high-standard construction needs, such as water conservancy, bridges, highways, and high-rise buildings.
b. It is suitable for crushing raw materials such as granite, basalt, river pebble, bauxite, cement clinker, quartz stone, corundum, ore sand, iron ore, etc., to overcome the disadvantages of traditional sand making equipment that is only suitable for soft rocks and materials below 150Mpa.
c. The company's senior engineers are tailor-made for each customer, and the equipment is scientifically selected without rework. Ensure that the equipment selected for customers does not fall behind for 3-5 years.
d. The content of mud and powder can be controlled.


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