PF1210 silica crusher|Silica crushing processing line

Apr.17, 2019

Silica processing process

1) Crushing: Silica is broken into the range of particle size requirements of the ball mill under the two-stage closed-circuit crushing process.
2) Grinding: The silica ore is continuously impacted by the steel ball inside the barrel of the ball mill, ground and processed into mineral powder.
3) Graded beneficiation: After the ore dressing is processed by graded ore dressing, the concentrate and tailings are separated, and the concentrate enters the drying system for drying treatment. The tailings user can choose to handle it.
4) Drying: After the concentrate is dried, the water evaporates and can be packaged and stored after being cooled.

Silica processing flow chart


Introduction to silica

Silica is a general term for vein quartz, quartzite and quartz sandstone. The crystalline silica generally has a milky white, off-white, light yellow, and reddish brown appearance. It has a bright luster, smooth and continuous section, and has sharp edges and corners. It has great hardness and strength. The vein quartz is dense block, pure white, translucent, shiny and shiny, and has a shell-like cross section. The quartz crystal particles are more than 2mm and can be discerned by the naked eye.

Silica application range

The chemical industry is used to prepare silicon compounds and silicates, and can also be used as a filler for sulfuric acid towers. The building materials industry is used in glass, ceramics, Portland cement, etc. It can be used as a raw material for iron alloy smelting such as industrial silicon.

Silica processing equipment

Vibrating Feeder->Jaw Crusher->Vibrating Screen->Fighting Crusher->Ball Mill->Spiral Classifier->Magnetic Separator->Flotation Machine->Dryer

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