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European version jaw crusher

European version jaw crusher

Application:Widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Material:It is suitable for crushing ore, rock, slag, etc., whose compressive strength is not higher than 280Mpa.

European version jaw crusher

The European version of jaw crusher is often used for primary crushing or secondary crushing in mine material crushing. The European version of jaw crusher is an advanced equipment developed for stone crushing of highways, railways, airport runways and other engineering buildings. The European version of jaw crusher adopts the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level in the world, and is the most efficient product for crushing many hard and strong abrasive materials. Most of the stone used for highways, railways, airport runways and other projects are mainly hard rock such as basalt. The specifications are about 3-7 cm, and the hardness of the broken materials is relatively large. Generally, the broken (E-type crusher) not only has low output. And easy to wear. Compared with the traditional two-stage jaw crusher, the European version of the jaw crusher has unparalleled superiority in terms of service life, maintenance rate and failure rate, and it is compared with the supporting cone-breaking and stone shaping machine. Said that the cost is still low.

The European version of the jaw crusher mainly includes a machine base, a fixed cymbal, a movable cymbal and an eccentric shaft. The fixed cymbal plate is fixed on the fixed cymbal, and the movable dent plate is fixed on the movable cymbal through the connecting bolt, and the fixed and fixed spur plates are fixed. There are side guard plates on both sides, the upper end of the movable jaw is set on the eccentric shaft, and the bearing chamber is arranged between the movable jaw and the eccentric shaft, and the top end of the movable jaw plate is about 80-250 mm higher than the fixed jaw plate. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the high dynamic tooth plate has a good protection effect on the moving jaw and the bearing chamber, and ensures the smooth unloading, avoids the phenomenon of plugging the card machine, is safe and reliable, and the utility model also simplifies the dynamic operation. Production, dynamic bearing chamber sealability, good running performance, no oil leakage, improve the use of the whole machine, low noise, stable operation, energy saving and energy saving effect, conducive to popularization and application, widely used in mining, building materials, silicic acid Salt, metallurgy, road construction, chemical industry raw materials, etc., especially suitable for the crushing of medium hardness materials, such as rock, ore, clinker of cement plant.

European version jaw crusher
1. Adopt world-class manufacturing technology and the highest-end materials.
2. The movable jaw assembly is made of high-quality steel castings, and the heavy-duty eccentric shaft is processed by forging blanks, which makes the machine more reliable and durable.
3. The bearing seat adopts integral cast steel structure to ensure complete cooperation with the crushing frame and greatly enhance the radial strength of the bearing seat.
4. Using finite analysis techniques to make the machine stronger.
5. The crushing chamber adopts a symmetrical "v" shape structure, so that the actual feed port width is consistent with the nominal feed port width.
6. Equipped with wedge discharge opening adjustment device, it is simpler, safer and faster than the old-fashioned gasket adjustment.
7. All machines in this series use larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings than other crushers of the same specification. Their higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seals greatly extend bearing life.
8. The latest use of toothed guards to increase the effective length of the seesaw and increase production.
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Model Max Feed edge(mm) Discharge Range Opening(㎜) Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kW)
JC231 425 40-150 50-250 55-75
JC340 500 60-175 85-300 75-90
JC442 585 70-200 120-520 90-110
JC445 680 70-200 150-575 110-132
JC549 800 100-250 260-810 132-160
JC555 900 125-250 360-920 160-200
JC663 1000 150-300 500-1250 220-250
JC779 1250 175-300 700-1500 400

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